Defining the Future – Web 3.0 Disruptors Week Aspires to Inspire Changemakers of a New Era

Web 3.0 experts and industry leaders are gathering at a multi-day online event later this month to discuss all things in relation to the “next evolution of the internet”.

The Web 3.0 Disruptors Week, held by Star Consulting and Starlabs Incubator, runs from July 24-29 online and offers free access to everyone who’s looking for inspiration.

The fireside chats and roundtable discussions explore a wide range of key topics in Web 3.0, such as why Web 3.0 matters, the Web 3.0 mindset, go-to-market in Web 3.0, gaming evolution, Web 3.0 infrastructure, FemTech, metaverse and related infrastructure, etc.

Speakers and pioneers from all over the world are going to share their understanding and perspectives on those topics, including Chairman of RockTree Capital Omer Ozden, Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences David LEE Kuo Chuen, Partner of LucidBlue Ventures Michael Sung and Partner of Draper Dragon Richard Wang.

Also among the participants are some well-recognised Web 3.0 pioneering companies and startups, such as KuCoin, Snowmist, Mintable, MetaDojo, Math Wallet, Oasis Network,, WePiggy, and Embily.

This is the third summit of its kind hosted by Star Consulting and Starlabs Incubator. The fast-developing platforms have helped many emerging enterprises navigate the crypto market and thrive.

Jenny Yang, Curator of Disruptors Summit and founder of Star Consulting says Web 3.0 is developing so fast and people probably don’t want to miss anything.

“With Web 3.0, we still have a lot of questions to answer. Of course, It’s still in a very early stage, but exploration is one of the most critical human spirits,” Yang said.

“It is necessary for us to have a focused discussion so innovators can gather together to brainstorm and share their experiences and insights as industry pioneers. I believe the event will inspire more entrepreneurs and those who’d like to try their hand in this field.”

An Agenda is available below. More information will be coming through as to how to tune in to the event. 


Day 1 – JUL 24

Fireside Chat: Paradigm Shift with Web 3.0: Why Web 3.0 Matters

It’s undeniable that Web 3.0 is becoming more and more real. Why does it matter? What kind of paradigm shift would it bring along?

Day 2 – JUL 25
Roundtable: Path to Building A Responsible Web 3.0 Economy

Web 3.0 promises to give users more control over their data and privacy, and provide access to numerous use cases. All of these should be carried out responsibly, but how?

Roundtable: From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, Changing To The New 3.0 Mindset

Businesses would operate in a brand new environment in the Web 3.0 era, which means a different mindset is a must, but what does that mean exactly?

Day 3 – JUL 26

Roundtable: Web 3.0 Investment 2022

Which areas of Web 3.0 do investors value? What qualities of a project will be most attractive to the top investors? What’s the trend for investment?

Roundtable: Go-to-Market in Web 3.0: Tactics And Strategies

Old market tactics and strategies surely won’t work well in the Web 3.0 era. How to approach the market from a different perspective?

Day 4 – JUL 27

Fireside Chat: Privacy and Cybersecurity of Web 3.0 and Solutions

Web 3.0 is coming into being with a promise to eliminate the misuse of user privacy that is deemed as rampant in the current Web 2.0 era, but will it happen and in what ways?

Hacking incidents are not new or uncommon in this industry, which has caused huge disruptions to businesses and customers. There’s no doubt that asset security will be a core issue for Web 3.0 and it needs all of us to play a part for effective solutions. 

Day 5 – JUL 28

Roundtable: Female Disruptors: Women Spearheading the CHANGE

While there’s talking about gender inequality in the industry, it is also worth pointing out that more women are becoming interested in Web 3.0 and are making a great impact. What opportunities can Web 3.0 bring to women? How to better seize the opportunities brought by Web 3.0, NFT and metaverse?

Roundtable: Gaming Ecosystem  Evolution in the Web 3.0 economy

How gaming in Web 3.0 can be different from the Web 2.0 era? We’ll look at strategies, business models, profits models and the role of DAO in gaming.

Day 6 – JUL 29

Fireside Chat: Metaverse Economy and Navigation

Metaverse comes with tons of exciting opportunities and surely there will be challenges. How to best navigate them?

Roundtable: MetaFi: Financial Infrastructure in the Metaverse

Like it or not, Metaverse is already there for us to explore and create. The new business models that have come into being have brought a lot of excitement to startups, so what infrastructure is needed for all of those to operate? What interesting financial products and services will we see?

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July 9, 2022 9:46 pm